Friday, July 3, 2009

Meeting and greeting Farmgals

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet some other MaryJane farmgirls from Oregon and Washington yesterday as they headed to the Farm Fair.

In the pic on the right (the left rear) is Carol, (Ranchetta),Marci, (FGIT), Pat, (FGIT), Gail (G.Springer and Cheryl, (K-Falls FG) just after they arrived in Cheney. We met up Bev (left) (BeeHaven Maven), Grace, (Katmom), Michele, (Huckleberrywine), me,Karen (kpaints) and Amanda, (Firemama) at a local restaurant. And the laughter never stopped! :D


  1. I shoulda been there with you all!Looks too much fun!

  2. Karen, so glad you got pics. What fun it was to meet everyone. And great food to boot!


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