Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding centerpieces so far

My daughter, Tracy works four tens and so every Friday for the last month we have been doing the 'wedding planning' marathon. It is killer for me for some reason. Yesterday was another planning session on the centerpieces, which we have been having a horrible time coming up with. It has just been alluding us. Anyway, this is a rough sketch of where we are headed. I will be putting more barbed wire around the jars and pretty ribbons. The runner will have a green ribbon or fabric running down the middle. I have tried to come up with something to put in the bottom of the large jar, coffee beans, sand, epsom salts, beans, wild rice, etc. Haven't had any of those 'bite' me yet. Any ideas on any of this would be super welcome...


  1. I know wedding planning is a big job. I have two daughters and I remember how much planing had to go into it. But then while the wedding was going on and the reception I looked around and thought why was I so worried, everyone is having a good time and not at all that concerned about all my hard work.Its' more about Family and friends. So try and relax and yes that centerpiece is lovely I really like that.
    Nancy Jo

  2. hang in ther M.O.T.B....
    how about colored sand in the jars?
    You probablly have a ton of "Wedding Idea" books,,, but I have one called "Handcrafted Weddings" that I bought 13 years ago for Meri's are welcome to borrow.
    I have to say..."tulle netting" is the best 'Brides Helper' I bought a bolt of it and used it on everything!
    Oh & don't forget to make a "Card Box" for wedding cards that may contain gift money/checks/gift cards....simple shoe box, wrapped in wedding giftwrap paper (or fabric) & decorate the top w/lace/ribbons/bows/flowers...The top should have an 'opening' large enough to stuff a goodsize card into(remember those valentine shoe box 'mailbox' card holders we made back in elemantery school!)
    Have fun & don't stress....just remember,,,know will ever know what was forgotten or it the pink was not the right shade of pink...etc.

  3. I say keep it simple....sand sound like a good idea to me! Details, details...I like the barbed wire and tea lights. Hang in there!


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