Monday, August 31, 2009

Look what I got!

I rescued Penny Ann from Sister Mercy's Foundlin' Home for Rag Chillun and she arrived today!!!! Isn't she the sweetest? She made herself right at home on the couch with all the wonderful homemade gifts sent along with her. (Can you believe all the sweet gifts?) I am completely stunned at all the cute things she brought along on her trip.

I must send my profuse thanks to Sister Frannie from Freedom Valley Farm in Ky. I absolutely love her and will provide a wonderful loving home for her. Farmgirl Hugs to you Sister Frannie!


  1. She's adorable, and a lucky girl to have found such a loving home!!

  2. Such a cute lil orphan chile and you're so lucky to have one of Frannie's orphans. I miss Frannie on the message boards of MJ's. I wish she'd come back!

  3. So cute, and she is now in a beautiful home safe with you.

  4. I just found out she can't post, what a total bummer. I love Penny Ann and Dash is ignoring her as he has enough competition with my grandson, Grayson. :D

  5. hey darlin' .. thanks so much to you (and the gurlfrenz) for your sweet words. i have so much fun makin' rag chillun .. and i adore sending along little 'prizes'.

    all ya'll be sure to get on my 'true friends' e-mail list to receive 'stories' and 'photos' from time to time of my 'ramblin's and roamins'!

    be sure to check in from time to time at the "orphanage" for the arrival of new little rag chillun as they wander down the road to the foundlin' home!

    ohhh . .and you can e-mail me at:

    have a mos' splendiferous day gurlfrenz filled with love and friends and family and warm memories! xoxo, frannie

    and karen .. little penny ann couldn't a found a more lovin' momma!

    oh .. and did i mention Penny Ann loves CHOCOLATE .. so from time to time a little 'chocolate morsel' would be so appreciated!

  6. ah what a lucky lil girl to get a new home, and lil brother named DAsh!
    see ya on Wed.


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