Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting ready

For a 3 week trip to Africa
Just a little documentation needed...

Is this enough?

Carry on, 'what's the yarn for' you say, to keep me busy for the 20 hour plus flight

And of course, Dash needs his travel bag too. (He's going to my daughter Tracy's for the duration.) I will miss you so much, baby boy. As for the other little boy in my life, Grayson, I will miss him terribly too. He will turn 6 months on Dash's birthday, Oct. 13th. So they can celebrate together. Have fun you two.


  1. Karen, Grace told me you were going to Africa. I would so love to hear more about the trip. When do you plan to leave?? Is this for fun or ???? When you have more time...fill me in.

  2. It's for fun, I am traveling with my brother and his partner and we are going to South Africa, starting at Cape Town. We will be going to about 5 different safari camps where we will be camping in 'tents'. Some in Botswania, Zambia, etc. Most are luxury types but, fun, and more fun. Games drives every day so tons of pictures will be coming home with me. Now I wonder if a sim card of 2000 pics is enough! I am going to try and keep a journal and maybe I will start a blog just for this trip, a sort of diary, when I get back.

  3. Did you make room for me yet in the backpack?????? Tell more about your trip!


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