Friday, November 13, 2009

I had so much fun

I have been at it again.....thrifting. And I had a blast. Look what I got for my grandson, it needs work but I can do that after Christmas. He is only 7 months so I have a little time. Someone painted part of it so I will have to sand down the whole horse. Can't you see a cute little saddle and a yarn mane?

I could not forget to pick out some stuff for my vintage trailer (Trailer Trash). The cutting board is just all the colors I will be using in my TT quilt. The Bon Ami and the cute bowl, well it's those colors again! The wood bobbins I just had to get for one of my sewing room antique jars. And the old Bakelite ice cream scoop, can I use this now......hummhumm chocolate caramel, cappachino......fudge....ok, just the afternoon slump, I'll go take a nap, instead.

And this beauty does not photograph well but it is an Anne Klein wool coat. I am going to cut it off and make it a 3/4 coat. It is in great shape and black, my color.
So as you can see I had a fulfilling day and didn't spend much. Off to do some shipping for my etsys. Have a fun farmgirl kind of day!

Opps, forgot to tell you about these dishes. I was so excited when I found these for my trailer. They are made by Oneida....Table Trends/Vintage Labels. Well, it just so happens I collect vintage labels and they are all over my house. I love them. And right here on these plates you will see a label, "Chief Seattle" , since I was born there I just figured these were calling my name. They will be perfect for my 1930's decorating theme in 'Trailer Trash' (who will get a new name when she's all pretty).

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  1. Hello, Found your blog through Katmom...very nice. I enjoyed reading...Sheryl


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