Sunday, December 20, 2009

Arriving at Chiawa Camp. Lots of water and vegetation. This area is so different from where we have been before.

This is my lovely tent, very large and overlooking the river. Look at that fun tub! Believe me I spent a lot of time just soaking here to try and cool off. It was about 110 degrees in the afternoons. We could not do anything but sleep and read. I got badly dehydrated the last few days that we were here and also suffered from heat exhaustion and lots of insect bites. I just slept most of the time. I got a fever and chills at night so I learned real quick how important it was to stay hydrated.
We were not allowed to walk around the camp day or night except in the main lodge area. We must be escorted to our tents at night. There were lions around the perimeter of the camp several different nights. This is not uncommon. And was true of all the camps where we stayed.
One evening we had a surprise, we were taken by landrover to an area outside camp with large cliffs. Dinner was served out in the wilderness. Two huge dining tables and chairs were all set up for us. We had candles and torches everywhere and wonderful food. They even made a small tent-like bathroom for the ladies. It was kinda' funny as it was lit by candlelight so everyone could see your shadow! lol It was a wonderful setting with an unbelievable star filled night sky above! Nothing compares to a sky in near total darkness. Just beautiful!
I was a little leary about large animals coming into the area, I saw no guards standing by to protect us but then I figured they were just as worried about us, as we were of them. They would stay away and they did. :D


  1. Boy Karen, that is some trip you took. I go out the front door and come in the back, thats about it for me.

  2. It's ok, that is my usual kind of trip. I never really go anywhere, so this was really a once in a life time trip. Last one I am sure, next big one will be the one in the sky....


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