Monday, December 28, 2009

See the pretty teacup and saucer? See the beautiful dollie? I got both of those and a load of tea from Farm girl Amanda! Isn't she the sweetest? Oh, and what else does a real Farm girl give, why fresh eggs right out of her back yard!!!! Love it! Thanks so much, Amanda


  1. Farmgirl friendship is the BEST!
    As for the sweet teacup, every cup of tea that you sip from it will remind you of your wonderful farmgirl friendship.

  2. Very true, thanks, Katmom, and here is a little poem that came with it, A little cup of friendship, with a bag of tea, when you drink this, think of love from about that? So sweet!

  3. You are very welcome Karen. Grace, I have something for you too. But when ou dropped in that day I didnt have anything ready.I hope you have been able to enjoy some sweet moments Karen.!!


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