Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday....Evaporating money

Now what is this little beauty, you ask? This could be costing you money and you don't even know it. Doesn't everything, you ask? Maybe, but we can at least nip this one in the bud.
Now here we have another version, this one seems to be reminding us that it's all about death, if we are not careful...

Creepy.....I am not even going there..

Oh, now this one is lovely. I would like this one. Anyone, know what these are yet?

It's all about Tightening your gas cap until it clicks three times. BECAUSE: Each year in the US, 147 million gallons of gasoline literally evaporates into the atmosphere because of loose, damaged, or missing gas caps.
So tighten that gas cap so you have a little more money in your pocket, to pay Uncle Sam in April! :(

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