Friday, February 12, 2010's me, Dash. I'm back. I can't stay long, Mom's crocheting in the living room. You know, I got to spend a little time on this window thing and look at what I found for Mommie! A new mouse pad, really, what kind of name is about a Dash pad? Well, I LIKE it. I think Mommie should have one of these.

And I just know she is really going to like this, why she has been making tons of totes and this one is just the cutest one of all....I could have saved her all that trouble.

Look! Mommie could use a new shirt for quick runs to the store, she almost always let's me go too and with that shirt everyone will know who's the boss!

And while you are at the store Mommie, could you bring home these little guys? I could run around the yard with them while you stare at this window thing. Could I Mommie, could I, could I please?

Well, ok, can I just have one little friend to play with? You know, even the kitties next door have each other to play with.....and what about those two little dogs down the street? And some times you leave me alone for hours and hours, and hours......
You know I am starting to see what my Mommie likes about this window thing, I got to shop for all kinds of toys. It's kinda' fun. Oh, oh, I guess I gotta' go now, Mommie is up to get a cup of tea and I need to cover my tracks....see you later. I'm going to see if she will give me another cookie. Huh? Betcha she will! Dash

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  1. hey Dash,
    I promise I won't tell mommy you have been playing on her window thing....
    Oh & Dash I think you would look "MahVoLus Dahling" on one of mommies totes.....
    the cat


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