Friday, February 12, 2010

Camping out in retro style

Look what I found for my sweet MaryJane Farmgirl friend, Grace! Isn't it the sweetest? It is real retro, 1999. Ha! And it is the rosy Victorian colors she loves (colors are off in the picture). A whole yard of fun! It will fit her vintage Aljo trailer, that's a twin of mine. She loves making things for the trailer and this is her theme.
Both trailers were born in 1959, and got separated at birth but both remained in Washington and just got reunited last fall. They are both getting a major makeover by their new owners-us. Can't wait until they are finished and we can all hit the road.


  1. i ADORE those vintage Aljo trailers!!! We tried to buy one sitting off the road, but the owner was reported by the neighbors to be "off his rocker," so no sale. LOL.

    i'm off to read more of your sweet blog.

  2. Why, thank you, Janean, I posted a lot of pics last summer that showed my horrible Trailer Trash as it was getting torn apart. Unfortunately, with two weddings (one my daughter's) and a wonderful trip to Africa late in the summer, I was not able to get much done. Hopefully, I will get back to it this spring.

  3. gimmie gimmie!!
    you goober, why didn't you tell me you were feeing a bit ubder the weather? Silly goose, I could have come over w/soup or sumthen!
    hope your feeling better.


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