Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

Back in the day, actually 1942, housewives were asked to save a little fat from the roasting pan, as movie star Janet Blair is doing. "When edible fats should give all possible nutrition before salvage, just a little can be taken from the pan before gravy is made". "To meet war needs each housewife must save one tablespoonful of waste kitchen fat each day". This fat was then processed and turned into explosives Who knew?
In this day and age, what we put on our dining tables has a whole lot less fat in it. Thank heavens. We are all about enjoying our meals and making them a pleasant healthy experience. One way we can do that is setting a nice table. Put cloth napkins on the table. BECAUSE: Eliminating disposable napkins would keep 500,000 tons of paper-based trash out of landfills each year. Bon appetit!


  1. ha! we try not to use paper napkins, and to help cut down on excess laundry we don't use cloth napkins...we use our shirt sleeves in winter and in summer we use the hem of out t-shirts!
    lololol! just kiddin' lolol!
    see ya on Friday.

  2. Awwww..I just love it that you can make me laugh! Thanks for my Tuesday laugh!!

  3. How about that! We use no cloth napkins or paper towels in our house. I have to admit, though, we do use toilet paper!!!

  4. I haven't seen any beaten paths to your trees in the snow on your blog posts, so I am glad to hear and see that you are still using T P. lol

  5. My husband uses his pants for a napkin. I use a small sheet of paper towel which I then use to wipe spills off of the floor, etc.

    We conserve at our house but I refuse to use corn cobs or catalog pages for T.P. Or plumbing bill would be much too high LOL..

    Fun post!


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