Thursday, February 18, 2010

Green Thrifting

I have probably been thrifting in one form or another since I was in my late teens, and that would be over forty years. I had to collect this picture, ( I have a thing about picture frames) since I grew up in Seattle, naturally. I just loved the deep green background with the little bit of green mixed into the gold frame. Just perfect for a green lover.
I am not really crazy about swans but this threesome really appealed to me. I suppose it could have been the color!

This odd form of decoupage really appealed to me as it is rather old. I was able to find another one as well.

I found this apple peeler just yesterday at Value Village. I saw one a few weeks ago and passed it up but I really thought I needed it after all, when I saw another one. I use red and green in my kitchen so I love it there.

And I thought I would share a picture of the cute old fashioned crocheted hot pad on my green wall in the kitchen.


  1. OOOhhh green is my favoritest color!!!

  2. oh, i love the apple peeler! i would love to find one like that!
    I linked the recipe to the peanutbutter cups in my must make some! so yummy!

  3. You really found some great pieces...I think Junk shopping is the greatest thing in the world...I have a Value Village about a half block from out apartment...Love that place...


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