Saturday, March 13, 2010

I see the light

I've been looking for a base for this lamp shade for many months and yesterday I found it!
What do you think? I was looking for just a table lamp base and when I saw this ( a light bulb appeared above my head) and I thought this could work. I wasn't going for a tall lamp but love the Art Deco look of this, not that it fits my house but I think I might be putting a new look on a bedroom upstairs and not even know it. Wouldn't the quilt I am making for Trailer Trash look great with this lamp? Maybe a redo of the upstairs bedroom in 30's-40's look would be real fun. It holds a lot of my antiques already, it could look like a little retro shop.

And this little beauty is just what I need for my cutting table in my sewing room. The one I had was a very small version of this and was very dangerous as it got extremely hot. What I just love about this one is that it telescopes and that is just what I need.


  1. Karen,
    Looks like you had a lucky lamp day. Those are nice. I think the floor lamp looks great.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Ok, you KNOW that I am coming over to STEAL that floor lamp...I am even bringing Dash some treats so he won't rat me out! lol!

  3. Dash would never rat YOU out!! Ever! Unless you brought along your sweet things! Ha!


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