Friday, March 12, 2010

Quilt Exercising

I finally got 'Trailer Trash' (my 1959 Aljo-in demo state) quilt top done. If you look close Dash's eyes match the Nile Green in my quilt. Weird, huh? You can click on the pic to do that.

Now to add borders, I have one fabric picked out, can't decide on the second. But a blog friend, Jackie at found more of the Suzie Osborn Blank Quilt fabric (the red border) for me and I would love to use that. Plus I see curtains for Trailer Trash coming on as well, and that red print is on them for sure! It is my favorite.
I had lots of mistakes on this front and even though I organized myself the best I could, I still made mistakes! One row got upside down, and because of that I did not notice they was a small group of windmills in the same fabric all in one corner. So some ripping was in order although I only had to take out two blocks, the row got flipped and moved over (thank heaven for small blessings). At about this time, I quit for the evening. I do not understand how anyone can quilt for hours on end, it hurts my body all over! And exercise? Haven't you heard of Quilt Exercise? Well, I was amazed at the workout one gets, bending over the sewing machine, the quilt on the floor, stretching to place blocks, bending to lay it out, ironing and that's not counting the long flight of stairs I climbed 14 times (of course, I counted them!) up to my sewing room and back down for coffee, or lunch......ha! Off to check out that red fabric.


  1. Cute quilt!!! No matter how I organize my quilting projects I always pick things up wrong it seems!!!

  2. Oh wowzers! it turned out great & Dash, as usual, looks cute.

  3. Looks so amazing!! Great job!

  4. that quilt top looks fantastic!!! well done!

  5. What a cute quilt! And Dash is a little doll!

  6. Thanks, so much, I just found out the fabric to finish the front is on backorder for at least 7 days! Ugh!


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