Thursday, March 4, 2010

Loose on the Palouse

I got some crazy things yesterday but I just love the character in some of these...

I think several of these items are going to get repurposed. I know it has been done a ton but I might make some barn wood knob clothes hangers. Who knows?

Isn't this a dear one? Old ice cream maker with a ton of character (you know, rust, broken parts, creaky....wait that describes me!).

If it's not bullets....was it a Dear John letter, then? Or her marriage announcement in the paper? And what do you think of this title? Love it. It is music sheets. I will probably frame it.

This is my thrift assortment, love the old traps (I got two) and the frogs (good for lots of things, including note holders, pencils, flowers or place cards), and the jelly jars(? it says snuff on them, what do you think about that? Certainly jelly would not be in snuff jars?). And I got the mirror earlier this week at another thrift in Spokane. Pretty good haul, huh?


  1. WOW Karen, what a treasure trove!

  2. Cute stuff Karen! Wish I could've been with you girlies. Darnit!

  3. Oh, I LOVE these! Thanks for stopping in to my 'Fess up Friday! ;D


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