Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My back yard.....such beautiful clouds.
I hung the picture, in the last post, upstairs in my bathroom. I thought I would share a couple pictures. When I got this house about 14 years ago, this upstairs space was little more than a storage area, although some had used it as bedrooms. This space was unheated, had only one coat of paint on most of it, over head pull chain lights and maybe, a couple plug ins. There was a cold water sink in this room that appeared to have been a bedroom with a little stove as heat (scorch marks on the floor near the chimney). Somehow, I pictured this as Grandma's room, self contained. Anyway, the sink gave me the idea to make this an upstairs bath. I could not get any plumbers to give me bids for plumbing this so I took it on myself. And this is the result. I also did the electrical, some of the sheetrock and the refinished the floor. It all worked and it has been a wonderful space, love the tub in front of the window! I tried to keep the fixtures in tune with this 104 year old house. I traded the tub for a paint job and it took three guys to get it upstairs!

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  1. I just loved your home, and your bath is fabulous. The picture looks really good in there.


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