Friday, March 26, 2010

This is not pruning 101

I have always loved the sculptured look in a garden. It is so neat and tidy.

This is a little out there for me but I can certainly appreciate the time spent to make this as perfect as possible.

I love this one the best, as it shows a little 'rough around the edges' look. And I feel the black and white really accentuates the shapes and depth of each texture.

And you have got to love the drama here! Very over the top. I will never incorporate any of these in my garden but I sure wish I knew the basics of pruning, just to create the perfectly trimmed bush, to help it grow strong and sturdy. Hummm, kinda' like raising your kids, guiding them so they can branch out into the world. It's a difficult task, we just do the best we can and hope and pray for good outcome.


  1. ya know i've always adore box hedged because you could trim them tightly...wished they grew faster.

    great post, along with your sewing machine post!! double yay!


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