Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

Back in the Day, this is what I drove, at least while I was in high school chauffeuring my brother and myself to school everyday. It was a beauty, even at 6 years old. I loved the color, turquoise (not as dark as in the picture). It built up muscles in my arms and chest, as there was no power steering back in the day. :) And there was no cruise control....leading to....
TODAYS TIP: Drive with cruise control on the highway. BECAUSE: Keeping a steady pace burns gas at a constant rate, which lets you drive as much as 10% farther on a single tank.


  1. Love the look of older cars. My son has a 56,58, and 69 chevy. Just something about them.
    Nancy Jo

  2. They were heavy duty cars, even the doors were heavy. Made substantial! I never got to use it for anything else but I sure liked it and it was my favorite color!

  3. Love "Back in The Day"...My first car was a 56 Chevy, yellow and light olive..I loved that car wish I still had it too...No seat belts and when you date made a left turn it was called a CBHH turn..."Come Back Here Honey"..If you weren't already sitting right next to him you were when he hit that turn..hehe...Lord I miss those days..


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