Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sweet gifts

How fun is this? Amanda (Firemama) gave this to me for my birthday.....perfect for the Mexican theme in my Trailer Trash (1959 Aljo). I am going to look so retro!
And this, the sweetest 1930's fabrics, I just love them. I see a really cute retro pillow to go in the trailer!

And then to top it off, look at this adorable embroidery pattern. She must know I love suns! I do have a couple big ones. :) I can wait to make one of these into another pillow for TT.

And then.....a farmgirl friend, Bev (BeeHavenMaven) sent this beautiful large tablecloth that I can use in camp with my Trailer Trash. How perfect is this? I can't wait to get on the road.....again.....oh, that's a song and I haven't been on the road yet....but I will this summer.
And I am going to look so smart in camp with all the wonderful goodies my dear friends sent, THANKS SO MUCH, FARMGIRLS!! Bev and Amanda!


  1. OHHHH how fun for you!!! Enjoy!

  2. your gift is still on the dining room table,,,so "miss young thing" we'll have to meet up after I get back from Seattle, besides i will have your Rice with me...I'll hold it hostage till we meet up.
    Oh & Bev~luv the tablecloth
    Amanda~ cute cute cute goodies.

  3. Karen,
    What a lot of nice gifts! Its so much fun to get something in the mail isn't it?
    Nancy Jo


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