Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Good Old Days

1940's Microwave oven, automation in cars, computers, mobile phones, velcro, to name just a few

1950's-Robots, Computer modem, Satellite, transistor radio, video recorder, etc.

1960's-Internet, laser, portable calculator, weather satellite, moon landing, etc.


1940's- Candyland, Monopoly, Silly Putty and Tonka Toys

1950's- Mr. Potato Head, Hula Hoop, Frisbees, Barbie

1960's- Easy Bake Oven, Etch-a-sketch, Twister

I just thought I would share a few of the things from my childhood years, as I look back on my 64 years today!


  1. Happy Birthday! Oh, you brought back memories with these pics. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Well now that you taken me back to my childhood I really feel old...But I do remember most of those great toys...And I loved when I got my first Transistor radio in 1955..I thought I was so cool and it was leather covered and about the size of a lunch box...Thanks for the memories...

  3. I love th good ole days...

    Yes, Happy Birthday###

  4. Hi Karen

    I just found your blog through Past Blessings. Happy Birthday! Have had fun reading your past posts.
    Warm Regards,
    Fielding & Dianna


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