Friday, April 9, 2010

Good morning, fans. I'm back posting updates on my little corner of the world. Boy, it was wild and crazy around here yesterday. The wind never stopped all day and night, 35 miles an hour sorta' leaves my hair standing on end! Wet, cold and not the best weather for hunting yard poo. It was pretty scarce yesterday. I don't suppose those cats made it out much yesterday, either.

Mommie sure didn't leave the house. As a matter of fact, she really didn't do much yesterday, I think she is in a funk. Could it be her birthday, coming up on Sunday? I just didn't know what to do, so I pretty much just laid around all day too.

Come to think of it, Mommie should be strutting her stuff, after all she is living with a 28 year old male stud!!! How many women her age can say that?

Mommie took my electric collar off for awhile yesterday so I went outside a lot more than I normally would have 'cause I know I can stretch the boundary lines. I think she is getting wise as she doesn't always open the door now. I have another great trick, after snack time (3pm) seems to be over I go to the door and ring my bell to go out, she gets up and I wait 'cause lots of times she will stop back in the kitchen for another snack. That way I might get another one. It seems to work, sometimes. So I just keep doing it. I think I have her trained pretty good.

It's been nice gnawing the bone with you, I will check back later and report any yard poo I find. Sometimes I find the best poo! Can you tell it is my favorite thing to do?

May the grass always meet your paws, the wind rustle your fur and the sun be on your snout. And while you are at it....find great poo.


  1. Oh Dash,
    you handsome devil you!
    Tell mommy I have a little "something" for her for her "29th B-day"...(had with me on Wed)heheehee!
    Oh wait!, if you are 28 & mommy is 29...that means you are only 1 year younger than her! hahaha!

    Don't get blown away by these winds and take time to smell the flowers & the poo around them,,,most likely deer poo cuz we know katz are way to smart to go out in these winds!

  2. How cute!!! Just want to pat that puppy on the head.
    Yes pretty windy here too. GOT real spoiled last week with above normal temps. But they will be back.
    Nancy Jo

  3. Winston likes to go on Poo hunts too lol! What a cutie he is :) Happy Birthday to you!! Or I guess I should say to your mommie :)


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