Monday, May 10, 2010

Is this an albatross?

It sure feels like one to me, even Trollete thinks so....she says she has white hair over it! 'Get this ugly thing out of here, Mommie!' 'Make it all pretty.'
(Check close and you will find her in the picture.)I would love that but the weather changes hour by hour. We had snow on Friday and only a couple hours of sunshine yesterday. Since both the side and back are off Trailer Trash, it is hard to work on it in this environment. Oh, what I would give for a woman cave! Today, I am going to see what work I can do on the interior counter top and cabinets in the garage. I think I can cut a new counter top for the sink.

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  1. hahaha! we have a ManCave & yet mine is still torn apart....uugghh!.
    At least you can cover yours w/a tarp...mine would cave in if I did that! lol!
    I see some "Honey-dos" in my honeys near future! lol!


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