Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thrifting in Prosser

Now I know you are all wondering what I am doing with a little girl's jumper. I mean, afterall, some of you know I don't have a little grand daughter, YET. Well, when I was checking out the decorations in the Barn for the dance this last weekend, I spotted these adorable clothesline bags. They were these jumpers with lots of girlie' trim, just adorable (you can see a sample in the mosaic three posts below). Linda from the Prosser Farmgirls, made these and they are the CUTEST!
Just after we left camp, to check out Prosser, we found a garage sale. Yes, I couldn't resist. Thinking, Grandson here!

I am doing a Mexican theme in Trailer Trash so these next two items jumped out and grabbed me!

A tortilla maker, my trailer can't be without one.


  1. Hi karen,
    The clothpin bag with the little jumper, how cute!
    Those tin toys you got at a garage sale may be worth something, may want to look into that.Are they repros or old?
    Nancy Jo

  2. simply said.... SCORE!


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