Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photo and Card Fun

I had such a blast yesterday! I met up with my Farmgirl sister, Sharon (bobbinrobin) and we played all day!!! Time just flew, we played with graphics from (what a fabulous site). This is a wonderful site, check it out if you haven't already! She has over 5,000 followers!
Anyway, we printed some of her designs so we could make sachets like the ones posted above. (Sorry about this mishmash layout.) And then, we went on to card making, before we even got to the sewing machine. Sharon has an incredible stock of dried pressed flowers, papers, notions, anything one would want need, or desire to use to make beautiful cards. We used some of the graphics we printed and played around for the rest of the day. A ton of fun and we both finished our cards for a MaryJane's Farmgirl swap we entered.

Sharon then showed me how to use a photo program to dress up pictures. I was then able to come home and download and play with it for free. You can see some of the results in the above picture. So many new toys, all in one day! Sorry to leave you but I have a lot of playing to do! :)


  1. Your card is just wonderful. When you find a quote for the back, please take a picture. Can't wait for our next crafting day.

  2. Thanks for the sites...

    You changed your header...looks good but miss the old one.

  3. Ooooh yes, my favorite site!! Great card you made there!!


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