Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

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I started a ‘little bit’ of a remodel on my back porch, recently. I did this cross stitch several years ago and it has been on my back porch, ever since. Today, I decided it needed a new look.blog 009 Where else would I start…..spray paint, of course! I masked off the blog 012glass, too lazy to take it apart, and gave her a few light coats of black. How about that? Now on to the real fun. Since I live on an old farm, I went out to the ‘back forty’ (it’s really thirteen), and grabbed some old rusty wire fencing.blog 006 I then cut the fencing piece so that some of the edges showed outside the frame, sorta’ like a double frame look.blog 007Now I have the basic form and then, all I did was take a pair of pliers and bend the rest of the wire, ‘this way and that way’. How’s that for professional decorator speak? I then, turned it over and put some weight on it and used my craft glue gun to glue the metal fencing to the wood frame, in several spots.blog 015 I like the black frame a lot more.blog 018blog 020 So now I must move on to the other items on the porch…..next is the light fixture and the coat hanger.


  1. You are too clever girl!

  2. Well aren't you the clever one. It did come out nice. I like black frames too. Really makes the picture stand out. Sooo it looks real nice where you hung it up.
    Nancy Jo

  3. soooo cute!!!! Just just had nothing else to do? Looks great!

  4. The black really makes the beauty of the cross stitch stand out, and great idea using the wire.... A beautiful finished picture!

  5. hahaha! nothing is safe from you when you have a can of spray paint in your hands! lol!


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