Wednesday, August 11, 2010

“In the kitchen with…Karen”

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I just love making pickles…..I feel so domestic!  So farm girlish!  Putting up and saving up just makes me feel all snuggly, like I am taking care of my own.  My family is all gone from home but I love giving my canned goods all year 009

Our weather has been so erratic that we don’t know from one day to the next if it will be hot or cold.  Yesterday, was in the low 50’s in the morning but got up to the low 80’s in the late afternoon.  Today it is raining.  So for me, it feels like fall is on the way.  I always, get domestic when the weather turns cool.  So what will I make today?  I think the zucchini is calling me….


  1. Love it. Your pickles look like they are going to be really good!

  2. I'm sorry, I have no idea why that came out anonymous. I'm still learning how to do blog. I'm trying again, but feel free to delete, I don't mean to clutter things up for you.

  3. Oh how I wish we lived close to each other so you can teach me how to can pickles! I am so impressed Karen! Your jars look beautiful!

    You grandson is precious! Love the pics of him!

    Thank you so much for the cookbook! Some great recipes and fun retro pictures! You are so sweet to have sent it my way!


  4. The pickles look wonderful!!!

    I can not imagine your weather.... it would be wonderful.... here in good ole Texas.... it's in the 100's....


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