Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stargazer Lilies

lily 003

This incredibly beautiful lily is amazingly huge! Each pedal is almost as big as my hand!

lily 011

This beauty is just a few feet away and very large as well. All of my lilies came in the same package, marked Stargazer, so I am surprised to see such a variety.

lily 023

That bud is about 4 inches, some of the others are up to 5 1/2. These are unadulterated photos.

blog 015

blog 012 (600x800) They are just outside my back door and their lovely fragrance wanders into my house, like a welcome and exotic stranger. It is totally captivating!


  1. WOWEE ZOWEE!!! They are gorgeous. Don't you just wish you could freeze them just like that and keep them 'til the dead of winter?

  2. They are incredible! I have some that are very similar but red.

  3. Wow! Those are beautiful. You really have a green thumb.

  4. Looks like it should be in some exotic greenhouse..beautiful..perfect name for tonights stargazing show..should be great..

  5. Karen... the flower is gorgeous!!


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