Saturday, August 14, 2010

Playing hooky

thrifting 018

My dear friend, Sharon and I, found this children’s book at a local thrift store and both just flipped over the illustrations. Unfortunately, the price was a little steep, so we decided to share it. I just had my week with it (Sharon, that was only four days-not counting purchase day!) and passed it over (reluctantly) to her yesterday.


 pennies 017

thrifting 019

pennies 019

After a busy week, I played with my friend, Sharon, our daughters and my grandson yesterday. I felt this poem fit my day. I just played hooky and loved every thrifting, picnic minute of it.


  1. The book is delightful!!! I love the illustrations and the poem is so sweet..... makes me wonder if there's any new books out there similar to this....

  2. One would hope. I didn't get to read much of it this week but I will when I get it back soon.

  3. I love to find old children's books....and yours looks like a real find! The illustrations and poem are great.

    Yummy canned stuff. What's in the short jar on the right front of the photo? Looks wonderful...would you e-mail me the recipe, or tell me where I can find it?

    The black and white designs gave me some good ideas!

  4. so sweet! i adore vintage books; the art the innocence.....


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