Monday, August 2, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

tutoral 003

I did some canning over the weekend and since most of these will be gifts, I decided to do a little decorating. For my Dilly Beans, I cut out circles of fabric (the size of the lids) and just laid them under the screw down caps. I cut a length of very narrow black elastic (purchase at any fabric/craft store) to tie a gift card around the cap. I cut a narrow strip of fabric, some hot peppers, (less than one inch wide) and tied it around the jar. Voila, it’s a pretty thing.dilly 005 You can chose vintage pictures, reduce and personalize them; to make gift tags, like these. Or use several free sites, available for all different kinds of labels and tags. tutoral 008

On my jams I just cut circles, attached them with a rubber band and then tied on the gift tags, which I found at this website,

Sorry, this got posted accidentally....early!


  1. Karen.... your gift jars look wonderful. You're so creative....I know your friends will love receiving these great gifts...

  2. Your gifts look so wonderful, who would want to open them up and eat theM???

  3. Hope I'm on your gift list. hee hee hee!!!

  4. I am soooo impressed! Canning! Love what you did to the jars! Love the string beans pics to!



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