Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plans and Schemes

porch 001 In retrospect, I probably, should have posted these pictures, before my Smart Tips Tuesday, but I just wanted to share a really 'fun' thing, right away. I have been ‘planning and scheming’ for quite awhile on this ‘remodel. So here we are, the BEFORE…..lovely isn’t it? Ha, even Dash is saying…… ‘Wow, this is really ugly, Mama!’porch 008 So this is a whole lot better, huh? I used a wonderful Polyurethane by Columbia Paint (really stinky), that should last for ages. Good thing, this house is over 100 now, and I am sure ‘she’ feels ‘she’ has another 100 coming. v 003 I found that wall cabinet at a garage sale about 3 years ago and fell in love with the color… I had to do the floor! I have decided to make this an indoor room, not an outdoor room. So I plan to put some of my vintage items out on display. I have been collecting windows too…..I will share all about that later. I would like to paint this room, lighter but am having trouble coming up with an idea on that. It will come, probably after everything is hung!

This has been my recycling area, so I now have to get clever and figure out a way to do that… an organized fashion…..yes, organized and not junky. Well, you know I like junky, just not that kind!


  1. Wow....really spruced up the steps!!! I could use you for about a week. Wanna come East???

  2. Dash is so cute, he/she looks like a stuffed animal standing there.

    Amazing the difference the paint makes..... it looks fantastic!

    I love your wall cabinet! Your idea of paint color and recycling area containers will come to you.......

    Looks great!

  3. WOOHOO...planning and scheming...two of my favorite words! The steps looks great...and little Dash's doggy door...a house should last at least 200 years! My hubby says we build 100 year houses..I'm thinking the

  4. great job! i think paint always can be like magic :)
    i wish can go to a garage sale with you!

  5. oh no you don' going to Bev's until you come to my place first & do your 'magic'... lol!

  6. Thanks for stopping by again!

    I love the color you used for the steps, I love that color! It looks like a brick red. I can't wait to see what you do with the walls!

    By "old camera" do you mean a film camera?



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