Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Case for Sharing


g 009

My grandson, Grayson spent the night with me (and Dash, of course!) last night.  During snack time, Dash was very interested in getting a taste.  Grayson said (would have said) ……’wait just a minute and let me taste it’.

g 011

Hummm, this is pretty good, hang on a second….

g 012

Ok, now you can have a taste!  Notice the stuffed chipmunk cheeks?  I think Dash probably only got a lick or two but that’s ok.  Grayson always shares his snacks….way more than he should!  I guess he can’t resist Dash’s cute face, either!

Me, I can’t resist either face!


  1. Adorable, Karen....what chubby cheeks Grayson has!!!...the little Chipmunk!

  2. I'm with you.... it would be impossible to resist those precious faces. What a great series of photos!

  3. Grayson is so adorable. Treasured moments. Lucky you to get little one's hugs, mine have all grown up.


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