Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blizzard Conditions

Didn’t Dairy Queen have a ice cream drink called a Blizzard? Well, I am sure it was delightful! However, the blizzard we had was not at all delightful! Constant strong winds, snow and whiteouts .....ugh!..... but the sun actually made it out this afternoon. Of course, that means it is getting even colder! The MINUS digits are here already (this morning it is -6 and 61 in the house, it has taken over an hour to go up one degree!,,,that's old houses for you).

Here are some pictures from earlier in the day, yesterday.snow 004 Looks like a lot of snow, huh? Well, it is but we really only got about 4 inches. It just blew into huge piles…blocking garage doors, trucks and cars. Heehee. Natures way!snow 015 My little bird bath fairy can’t wait ‘til Spring. I think her hinny is going to get awfully cold waiting….it is going to be a long one!snow 003


  1. We got about the same amount of snow but it didn't drift like it did out there in farm country!

  2. wow! I never has been in a place like that!


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