Friday, November 26, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance…

gift 019

Isn’t this the absolute sweetest thing you ever saw? I received this adorable Christmas tree ornament, a Hallmark Keepsake, out of the blue, from my blogging friend, Sheryl ( ) !  I was jumping, yelling and dancing…. doing my best imitation of the snoopy dance….right there in my kitchen!  I just could not believe, I got one of these super sweet ornaments for my tree!  If you check out Sheryl’s blog you will see this looks just like her trailer!  Well, she has several, so it is the one on her icon.  She collects as many old trailers, as she can get her husband (Mr. Gates not Bill), to haul home! She remodels and sells them, all while building a brand new home and guest house!  Can’t tie this desert, country girl down much!gift 006

Thank you so much, Sheryl, for this little cutie, you have made me one very Happy Camper!  Did you notice I am giving my ornament a big hug?  Yep, that’s me…blue eyes and wild white hair (mine is dyed)!  But those are my eyes…honest!  ‘Yuletide’ and I are visiting a wonderful tropical destination, yep, you guessed it…..we are on a white sandy beach, where wild orchids grow in profusion!  Can’t beat that, when it is in the teens, at home!  Call me when it warms up!gift 008 Check out this hinny!!  Don’t you just love the Christmas wreath?


  1. I can see why you are doing the happy dance, it is adorable...and is you!!!

  2. Lucky you. Rub it three times and you're on a warm beach in Fiji!

  3. They were just too cute to pass up for us trailer gals..glad you liked it Karen...stay warm!

  4. I love Christmas ornaments. Your trailer ornament is so cute!!!

    I'm so behind on reading blogs.... just looked at your snow pictures, they are beautiful!

    I hope you had a delicious and fun Thanksgiving!

  5. That's just such a wonderful gift...many people think about "impressing" or "extravagance" when giving a gift....many times they forget about the "specialness" of the gift itself.

    The one you got's a winner!

  6. Wow, wish you had been my friend before I started painting my door. Do you know you have an no comment reply setting?

  7. woohooo! now we have "twins" again! lol!
    I luv mine too!
    Oh & as for the troll doll, I have one in my trailer too, as my mascot,,,but each time I set him out in different spots to see if anyone notice him....

    FYI, I spent $70 on fabric the other day, so I will be hiding out in my "sewing cave" only to come up when I am hungry or have to 'powder my nose'! lol!
    hugz to you & Dash


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