Monday, November 29, 2010

Frame Up

house 029

I am literally obsessed with picture frames…I guess it originated from my love of art.  After all,  a beautiful picture must have a beautiful home.  Back in the 70’s and 80’s I loved to haunt old junk/antique stores and I found all kinds of artwork and fancy carved frames.  house 021

house 023 

Some were even homemade.

house 025

Some I made myself.

house 027

house 055

I love the contrast of smooth finished wood, with the rough textured center.

  house 052

house 048 

And I still collect today…..I just got this one a few weeks ago.  Love at first sight!

house 054And then there’s the simple plain barn wood style, common during the 70’s.

house 065

And I added some glazing to this one a few years ago…time for an updated look…never did like the color.  Even though I don’t like this current trend to paint everything in sight (that doesn’t move), I think I would like this one in white, after all.   

house 063This is a real gem!  Lovely hand painting.

house 053 

Your basic black and silver.  But I love the simplicity.

house 060

And something a little bit different.  I have another bamboo one around here somewhere…I think I had better quit this, before you see my true addiction in it’s full ramifications!


  1. Just one more obsession we have in common. Next time you're out, remind me to show you my little frame with opals in the corners.

  2. You do have a nice collection of frames. I love how you put pics on your blog header and now your background? Lessons please....

  3. We each have our addictions.... you have a great and beautiful selection of frames. I especially love the picture in the weird shaped frame......very calming painting...

  4. You and me both! I can't seem to pass up beautiful picture frames. These are all can never have too many;-)

  5. hahaha!
    "if it moves...Salute it!
    if it don't...paint it!
    hugz girlfriend....


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