Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday…A Hill of Beans

coffee_plantation A recent trip to store, left me a little bit smarter (a really good thing)!  I was stocking up on my favorite organic coffee beans….loading up my third bag when I commented to the employee near me, that I always overfilled the bags.  He laughed and was about to help me, when I mentioned, I was stocking up for winter.  He told me ‘not to store them in the freezer or the fridge’.  “It’s an old wives tale”, he said.  “OMG, I said, that makes so much sense, it would just dry them out!”  “Yep”, he said.  “Just keep them cool and in the dark.”  Well, I guess I have been in the dark….but I see the light and it amounts to more than a hill of beans!  Ok, I will cease and desist!  lol

beans_small1 Really fresh beans here…grind your own and make the best cup of coffee!


What a warm welcome, in this cup of Joe!




Ok, this would wake me up and put a smile on my face!

  chocolate_covered_coffee_beans Ok, this would do it too!  A double caffeine punch!

I’m out of here….I need my fix!



  1. What brand of coffee beans do you use? We've been trying to find a brand we can call our own. So far Kivu has been our fav.

  2. I use Doma. It is strong. It works best for me to use different brands, every once in awhile. I also like Thomas Hammer.

  3. I read this about the freezer also...used to do it all the time...learn something new every day..(thank goodness) Love my first cup of coffee in the morning..one of my simple pleasures

  4. Well, I'll be dad gum, I've learned something new. I've kept mine in the refrigerator..... I'll take it out.... Thanks!

  5. Karen,
    Such a beautiful post and interesting about coffee. I use to put it in the freezer...thanks for the info.

    Coffee beans are pretty aren't they?!


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