Monday, November 22, 2010

Women’s Work is Never Done

Every year when the holidays arrive, I think I hear a collective sigh.  Women everywhere must call up all their stamina, ingenuity and patience, for the cavernous road ahead. 

The first apron she will don will be that of food gatherer….


And that of the never ending list maker…..hairstyle-top 788828216_f67486df20 ….domestic engineer and decorator.waterproof

.1198 Gourmet chef….33761 Yeah, sure!article-1224231-0706B500000005DC-601_634x512 Don’t forget ‘Entertainment Director’…1954 D Fabulous hostess…thanksgiving_frontier_hotel Logistics Engineer and hotel manager (Don’t you just love the way they presented women in the 50’s?) rockwell_thanksgiving And at last, you get to sit down….at least for a few minutes…..

2650352061_e6f47f89a7 only to face this upon return to the kitchen.  Have a great Thanksgiving and get help!


  1. I never say "No" to kitchen help. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and family time. Deb=^..^=x5 Ottawa, Canada

  2. That put a smile on my just said it like it is!!

  3. What a hoot. Love the pix of the women sitting on the floor watching tv and smoking a cig. Too funny!!

  4. I love the "gatherer" with the our Thanksgiving the women do the cooking and the guys do the cleanup...I hand each one of them a tea towel and say figure it out!I know you can do it! us women go sit outside and chat...

  5. these crack me up...especially th eone where the family is sitting in front of the T.V., and notice dad gets the chair??? oH & let's not forget the 'smokes' that both mom & dad are holding!

  6. hahaha, that was fun!
    any help in those party moments always is great!

    have a wonderful holidays!


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