Sunday, December 12, 2010

And the winner is…..

Thank you, everyone for participating in my quilt giveaway……. sorry, I couldn’t post this earlier, I have a virus and I was not able to get on the internet!

                And the winner is……..

                 Beverly at


  1. Who has the virus..... you or the computer??? I hope all is well now!!!

  2. Sorry, it was the computer! Not the best post, I was fighting evil things over here! lol

  3. ok,that's it!!!!
    i am hoping in my Jeep & driving straight over to Bev's to steal that sweet lap quilt! lol! Maybe I shouldtow my trailer as it is a 3 day drive! lol1
    hugz to you Bev,,,,luv ya dear freind.
    Ditto to you & Dashyphoo too!


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