Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Christmas Tree

grayson 024

Most of my ornaments are from the 80’s, when I picked them up in Guadalajara, Mexico at Woolworth’s! I was shocked to find a Woolworth’s there but they had the most lovely handmade (in Mexico) ornaments. They were of the thinnest glass! I hand carried them all the way home!

tree 001

And I added fresh baby’s breath to my tree. Maybe next year I can add some white crocheted snowflakes. Since I am still sick it is not going to happen this year.

grayson 034

grayson 015

tree 008

I like the baby’s breath…what do you think?

grayson 039

grayson 030

And of course, this what Christmas is all about……love.

Thank you everyone for all your get well wishes, they are SO appreciated!


  1. Beautiful tree and decorations. Love the addition of baby's breath!

  2. Just beautiful decorations....thanks so sure are one well travled individual!!

  3. Beautiful tree Karen....and Grayson seems enthralled! I have had so much fun peeking in at other's decorations...isn't blogland great??

  4. The baby's breath looks very pretty, what a good idea!

    The ornaments and tree looks very pretty, but Grayson.... oh my...he's so precious. That's a sweet picture!
    Take care and get well soon!

  5. Beautiful Christmas decoration, I lake it!
    Big kisses and regards,Zondra Art
    Have a nice weekend.


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