Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

1.  Make all your kids wear white socks.  When they lose a sock or wear a hole in it, keep the other as a spare.  With three kids, it saves our family about $40 a year.    Julie Parrish, West Linn, Or.MissingSocks

2.  Waiting for hot water, I’ll use the cold water to water my plants.                    Pam Grier (actress)

3.  Wait 24 hours before you buy anything that costs more than $100, if you still want it the next day, buy it.  Most of the time, you’ll forget what it was.             Marcia Brixey, Silverdale Wa.

4.  Turn off call waiting.  It saved me $5 a month, or $60 a year.                          John Ulzheimer, Atlanta

5.  Round up in the checkbook.  When I write a check for $13.63, I write it as $14.00 in my checkbook.  I do the same thing with debits.  At the end of the month, I calculate my savings and transfer that to an online savings account.  The change really adds up and since I don’t see the money, I don’t spend it.  Dawn Carrington, Charleston, S. C.                      


I recently posted a toll free information number (you can use on your cell phone) from an AARP article.  I have used this service for about 3 years and love that it is free.  However, I just found out this service was discontinued in November.  Here is a new one 1-800-2255-411 or 1-800-call-411.  Don’t you just love FREE?


  1. Free is good! I do the white sock thing with my husband...I don't have call waiting but I just can't give up my caller ID...

  2. Good ideas...I can't give up my call waiting though. White socks yes....


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