Monday, December 6, 2010

This and That…..

house 051

This is a collection of some of my oddities, from around the house.

house 003

Isn’t this a fun mustard jar? I just love the colors on these labels!

house 010

I love to rescue everything! This looks like I found it in a burn pile but I found it in Oaksdale, Washington, (home of Mary Jane Butters flour mill) in a antique/junk store. The funkier the better….right?

house 001

Now how about the patina, paint and other yuckies on this scale?

house 014

My father had a lot of old wood tools when I was growing up, unfortunately, he sold them, some thirty years ago, never thinking (I guess) that his daughter might like them. I suppose he asked my three brothers but…. So I had to have this old wood drill, it reminds me of the one my father used.

house 004

I have collected grinders and bean slicers for many years. I love the red on this one!

house 012

house 017

house 016

I love this brass vase and the weed from my fields….a favorite, too! Wonderful textures.


  1. Nice pictures of unique items from a unique lady!

  2. You have some really interesting things there. Loved seeing them. What was that fIrst one?
    Couldn't stay away from blogging so I'm back. Guess I don't have much willpower!
    NANCY jO

  3. such wonderful stuff!!
    and love those salt and pepper jars (are mill glass?)!

    the photo of your banner is amazing!

  4. Nice collection of goodies! I love vintage! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Hugs, Maryjane


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