Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tooting his Horn….

christmas eve 018

The conclusion to the Christmas eve celebration was Grayson’s gift…..and boy, was he overwhelmed!  He was almost a bit afraid, Thomas the train was a bit big….even made Grandma smile when she thought of what his parents would do to find space at home for it. 

christmas eve 012

Here Daddy and Mommy are giving encouragement.  He is not strong enough to hold down the drive pad, so everyone worked with him to teach him how it worked.  In the picture below he thought maybe there was an easier way to make it run…so serious!  I heard the next morning he was more interested in playing with his gifts from the night before than opening more…

christmas eve 022


  1. Ohhh ... wish I could have been there.

  2. Oh Karen, Grayson is so adorable!!! I love the expressions on his cute little face.... so serious!

    The Thomas train looks like a lot of fun..... and it will take up some!

  3. Is that cute or what!!!!
    Isn't it fun being the 'grammy' ???
    and the best part, we get to go home & don't have to listen to the 'toot-toot' and other noises from the activities toys....nor do we have to deal w/the clean-up! lol!
    hugz & happy day after Christmas.


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