Friday, January 14, 2011

Finding a CO-OP


Low and behold, Spokane now has a local food co-op, called the Main Market…little did I know.  It had a nice selection, with a deli and fabulous variety of fresh organic veggies at reasonable prices, eat your heart out Huckleberries!  P1080478 I got together with some Mary Jane Butters farmgirls yesterday for a sit down and Sher mentioned this newer food co-op and so she took me for a few spins around the block and we headed in to check out the food.  Well, worth the visit.  She hooked me up with Quinoa and I made a fun salad with it last night and fell in love….thanks, Sher!  And thanks for introducing me to a wonderful new market.

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  1. I suppose its downtown and well out of my driving range. lol


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