Monday, January 3, 2011

Indian Chief

v 024

On this project, I could hardly wait to use some of my scavengered bits from some old upholstery, out of my trashed 1959 Aljo trailer (aka Trailer Trash).  This is burlap strapping about three and a half inches wide.  I then gathered, an old bottle, some loose burlap (also from the upholstery) and a graphic from an old restaurant placemat…this one just happened to be a picture of Geronimo.  I also used a small picture frame, found at a thrift store.       v 025 I centered and glued all of this, on a small piece of burlap strapping and then mounted it on the bottle.

craft 003

I then tied a piece of the old burlap around the neck of the bottle and added some dried hot chilies, for some added color.  Color is good!

blog 005

How’s this for a delightful vintage vignette?

craft 005


  1. This is so awesome! Would look great on an old bar shelf :)
    Thanks for replying on my blog - I know I've been gone for too long and I 'll try my best to keep up with everything this year! Have a great New Year :)

  2. Cool beans!! Happy New Year Karen!!!

  3. Just needs to be filled with some white lightning!

  4. FANTASTIC!!! Great job.... love what you've done....

  5. hey girlie,
    you are sew clever!
    : > )

  6. Just perfect! Love that idea.

    Happy New Year!

    Hope to see you this summer when you are in the Seattle area!

  7. That is such a cute idea! very clever. Your snow picture on the header is sooo pretty.


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