Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Day in the Sun

by the river 015

My friend, Sharon and I could not ignore the beautiful sunshine and moderate temps outside her craft studio window.  We just had to take a break from our Valentine card making, to head on down to the Spokane River, near her house.    

by the river 001

We went down to a site on the river where they are building a new bridge.  This sign was removed and saved from the old bridge.  The interesting thing here….I learned something new….Spokane (spelled correctly has an extra ‘e’) means Children of the Sun!  How apropos is that?  Generally, we get a lot of sun here, just not so much in the winter.

  by the river 019

I didn’t know that they have to build another type of bridge to make the final one.

                                        by the river 021

It’s still real cold here, see the ice caught on the tree branches?

by the river 027


by the river 016

That water sure looks cold and clear!  On that note, I spotted an old barn and headed that way.

by the river 049

It’s just a few 100 yards away but as I look around, I am surrounded by beautiful sights!

by the river 051


by the river 050


by the river 060


by the river 059


by the river 061

I love rust, old wood and sunny days!

by the river 063


  1. Nice photos and your black and white Valentine images are so cool.
    Thanks for sharing them

  2. I so appreciate our beautiful surroundings and then, when I see them in photography, it really strikes me as exceptional. Aren't we lucky to live here!?

  3. Mercy, those photos are awesome! In one the clouds look like the mountains. You have a great eye!

    I love barns and love to sit and stare at them, wondering what is inside?

    Have a blessed day and have fun making the cards.

  4. Oh my..... so very beautiful.... God has given us so much beauty... and... you've captured so much beauty with you camera..... Thanks!

  5. Love your pictures, sometimes I miss living over there so much. I don't miss the nasty winter weather but I do miss the area. Every time we come over and I see the first Ponderousa Pine in the Middle section of I90 I know I'm almost home.

  6. Looks like you had a fun outing. Bet the sunshine felt pretty good!

    You took some good photos....That river does look cold and the water is so clear.........
    but yep the barn's my favorite....



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