Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Learning Curve

It’s been a wild ride this week!  It’s almost always difficult making a choice about a new electronic device for your home.  But when you’re under the gun, well, let’s just say, it’s something else!   In the last year, I had given some thought to getting a laptop so  I could be near my blog, when I go camping in my vintage trailer, this spring.


So armed with that in mind; as I headed out the door after my desktop imploded, I went straight to Costco; with my cell phone stuck to my ear, consulting my ‘computer man’ Dave, (bless his little heart!) and found a wonderful compact notebook!  It was almost love at first sight (he kept suggesting it might be the best choice!).  It is so overwhelming to just pick one! So here is where I thought I was done…nope, you want to be wireless with your laptop, right?…..ummmm  RIGHT! So he had me pick up another electronic device, called an access point or wireless router and I NOW GO ANYWHERE IN MY HOUSE WITH MY NEW NOTEBOOK!  And I should be able to use it in the yard (when it warms up).  How much fun is that?

‘Computer Man’ was able to save my data and got everything set up in my new Windows 7, no more Vista!!!!!!  AMEN TO THAT! Crush-computer So I am a very happy camper (or soon will be this Spring)!  See making electronic choices, isn’t so bad after all….when you know Computer Man!  (Thanks, Dave!)

It’s gonna’ take me some time to catch up with all the new technology but I just keep plugging along! 

Sorry, there was no Thriftin’ Time Tuesday this week.  I will try and make up for it later. 


  1. I love the wireless access with ours...costco is a great place to buy one...then you have to get the wireless

  2. we bought a router a few years ago and soooo adored going onto the sundeck (or anywhere in the home) and using the laptop. we don't have a wireless printer yet, but it's on our list! congrats!!!!

  3. Congrats!!! I'm so happy to hear that all your data was retrieved. What a relief. I don't think we ever keep up with technology, we just avoid being swallowed up. Now it's time to get back to more important things;-)

  4. Okay ... now I'm officially jealous. Putting it on my wish list for Christmas next year!

  5. WOOHOO Karen! Now we can be snugly warm in our trailers and chat with each other via laptop! :) Sorry I've fallen off the Earth. I had great intentions with my "junkin" email. Kids, House, name it.

    Love you darlin!

  6. Congratulations.... you're going to love your new computer!

    Computer men are wonderful! Ours travels several times during the year, and I panic when he says he's going to be gone for a month...... just in case I have a computer glitch.

  7. Hope you dont mine me following you, I came via Delores blog.

    I am sorry that happen to your computer and your trailor. Its good you could replace both of them. Look forward to reading of your adventures.

    Did you know you are on the front page of Etsy tonight.. Your wash cloths. Its under the sections "You Might Like"...

    Hubby has wireless on his computer, I am still stuck however in one room with mine. I am cool with that though.

    Have fun!


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