Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Chasing…byline by Dash


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Hi, Folks,

Dash here.  What cha’ doin’?  You are just not going to believe this!  It was just getting to that time of year, (that I do love so much)…..Spring Chasing.  What?  You have never heard of it?  Why it’s my favorite time of year!  It’s when the temps just warm up a bit, 40 is nice(some of you might like it more like 65), and I am able to get out to roam around the yard in search of…my fav… cat poop.   Yep, you got it!  Spring Cat Chasing is back….or so I thought.  Just when the going got good, it got very, very bad!snow 006 Things got so bad (Can you even see me?) that getting out the back door was all I could do!  No such thing, as finding just the right spot!!!!! Sheesh!  What’s a guy to do?

For Pete’s sake, Mommie has that trailer sitting there…why aren’t we going South? It could be the best season, ever, for SPRING CHASING, if we just got out of here!  Now we are stuck here for eternity!!!  You know, I have just had it, I am off to take a nap and dream of chasing Spring!  Any of you, want to join me?


  1. Why aren't you coming south?? Next year for sure!

  2. Oh, I could use a little Spring chasing myself. I think next winter we should schedule a girl's week in the winter some place warm.....for a whole gang of us! Now wouldn't that be fun????

  3. Dash looks so clean and beautiful....must have just returned from the 'groomer'...
    Yea.... for spring... it's almost here!!!!

  4. That precious picture of Dash sould be on a Hallmark card. He just melts my heart! Hard to resist a face like that, so you're just going to have to go spring chasing.

  5. what a cute dog!!!! Can I spring chase with you?


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