Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thriftin’ Time Tuesday



Some befores and afters……

P1080646 (800x600)

Another mini chalkboard.  This is about a 9 x 10, on the outside.

  v 007 (1024x966)

These are drawer pull bases and would make great labels for boxes.  You could use metal stamps on them or print your own clear labels.  I sprayed them in burnished silver….and leaving the fun for someone else…a few unfinished.

P1080527 (800x482)



This shabby frame became a focal point for some very old upholstery strapping and an antique drawer pull.


This old provincial frame became this…..


Yes, I am addicted to chalkboards! (Sure wish white would photograph better).


And these into these….il_570xN_216097082And off they all went to my etsy shop….with more to follow!  



  1. You have been busy. Makes me want to get my butt in gear!

  2. And ... I love your banner picture. Must change mine. Do you get the idea that you inspire me?

  3. Those little chalkboards are wonderful ideas for writing little love notes etc...maybe be cute to have a string with a piece of chalk somehow attached...

  4. I love what you've done, but especially the upholstery and antique drawer pull....
    I'll stop over at your Etsy store...

  5. You always do such fun things....I really love your header but still miss the water buffalo

  6. Oooh, so nice. Your chalkboards are so cute, I really like the little sizes and what you did with the frames. The drawer pull and upholstery strapping frame is amazing!

  7. so much blackboard cuteness!!

    Are you going to show your 'boxes' like mine? curious to see them.

    barbara jean

  8. U-R-sew clever!!!!!
    wish I had your vision & creativity...
    hmmmmight want to bring a few of your smaller goodies to our F.C. camp piu for our Sunday morning "swap/sale/barter" table...
    Some of the gals bring a few crafted items that they make to swap or sell..
    I plan to bring a couple of my crochet ragrugs...
    : > )
    oh & 104 more days!
    : > )

  9. The antique drawer pull on the upholstery straps is great!


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