Friday, March 25, 2011

Playing in the Dirt

misc 003

I just had to get my hands in some dirt this week…..couldn’t wait for Spring any longer!

misc 001

Last fall we had an early frost and I left this planter on the back porch with some very old cacti plants in it….needless to say, they died. So I needed to refill the pot. This time I got some more interesting plants. That is not a real bloom (for those of you who are not sure!). I think this is going to be real cute on my back porch window, like last year. And I feel so much better for having dirt under my finger nails!


  1. I like that you captured your little trailer in the picture too.

  2. It is good to garden and get dirty. I hope your plants do well.

    IS that a Shasta? on the spelling camper in the back? I have been looking on line at some old refurbished one. Not a bad price I am seeing either. I think they are priceless.

  3. Your planter looks good!!! The aloe vera plant is great for burns etc.
    I love digging in the dirt.


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