Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Dream House


I am going to take the plunge….. jump right in with both feet….yep, I am going to get chickens!  This city girl finally gave in to her farm girl roots (though they are a good generation or two behind me).  When I lived in Spokane Valley, WA., several years ago, I had the perfect little building on my property for a chicken coop (and I was legal) but I was ‘chicken’ (not having the ‘know-how’).  Some 30 years later and a move to the country, all that’s changed, you only live once! I am after all a farm girl at heart!

I have been surfing the net for chicken tractors……asking advice along the way.


Now this particular tractor doesn’t have wheels on it right now but when it does, you just pick up one end of it and move it to another spot on the lawn.  That way the chickens fertilize the entire lawn for you!  Cool idea, huh? I never realized chickens needed such a small amount of space.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought they would like some ‘big open spaces’…you know the kind…out West.  Well, I have that kind of space (here in the West), so I started looking at these…..



Yes, that is a chicken coop, who said they had to look like an old rundown, flea bitten…..opps, sorry.  I just think shutters, windows, flowers are all good.  My girls are should have a beautiful home, right?




Check out these adorable roof lines!!!  I love all these gingerbread details, flower boxes, shakes, and isn’t that smokestack just over the top!



Well, now I am completely overwhelmed!  Part of this ‘little house’ could be a small potting shed or little greenhouse….a place to store some yard tools…what’s a girl to do?


  1. My husband love loves loves chickens. We have had chickens in Texas, MIssouri, and back in Texas. WE had a doll house that was left in the yard, my husband used that for them. He one time built a real fancy home for them, running water and lights....go figure.

  2. Those are so cute. I want me one!

  3. Congrats to you on diving in, I like the idea of a portable hen house. I am checking in it as well. Parts of your city allows a few and I know there are some a few streets over.

    I cant wait to see your new addition.

  4. I love your spirit!!! Go for it.....the fertilizer part would sound good to me, having fresh stuff for the flower beds.

    Fresh eggs sound good too!

    I vote for the cute little house with the gingerbread/ cute!

  5. Oh Karen, you crack me up! Chickens?
    You'll have to have a comple seperate blog devoted to the antics of your lil 'Henny Penny's'....
    What's Dash think of this and why does the episode of "Lucy" come to mind? The one where she & Ethel have hundreds of eggs from their 'chicken!


  6. I am so glad you are getting chickens! I love mine...get some ducks too, you won't regret it, they are very addicting, lol!


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