Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is this Really April?


april snow 001


april snow 002


This is what I woke up to this morning!  When will it ever end?  I was feeling depressed when I saw this ugly weather but after I read this post over at Sandra Cumberland Island place at I felt renewed.  I am enjoying the beauty that surrounds me and the total mystery in the unpredictability of our weather!  How’s that for an attitude?


  1. I love that attitude! Thanks for passing it on!

  2. Great your header!

  3. I love it! Thanks for making my day! I just k ow your spring is right around the corner... Good newS! You are saving money on your air conditioner bill! Our are humming away right now, all three....with 50% surcharges. Hey, more than one way to look at things, huh? Lol
    Love your chicks!

  4. Great attitude!!
    Nice thing about white is it looks all so frosty and clean.
    We are having a few days of Spring sunshine, in place of our usual rain.

    Re new banner in the works at my place: if you are asking about the one I did, I just went to Banner Maker, and walked through it step by step.
    The one my daughter is working on, no clue how she did it all. She is learning web design, and practicing on me.
    Which idea did you like best?? The one big picture, or 4 smaller ones with background?

    Hugs and sweet Easter Blessings

    barbara jean

  5. Here is link for the Banner Maker site I played with.

    have fun!


  6. Oh good Lord, can you believe it? I am sure that this is the absolute end for you. Now it will warm up and be sunny and beautiful!! Oh, how we will appreciate summer this year!

  7. It's hard to imagine snow in April....but it's hard for me to imagine snow anywhere any month. We see it so seldom...... your scenery looks beautiful.
    Great attitude!
    Have a blessed Easter,

  8. I can add that it is a very late spring this year. Today is in the 60's and we were able to be outtside, I mean is that exciting or what? We usually have a lot more done by now. But the nice weather will get here.
    Happy Easter
    Nancy Jo


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